WordPress Updates

Anyone who uses WordPress will need to update the core software to keep ahead of latest bug fixes and security updates, and to keep their website software current.  Plugins used for WordPress also need to be updated and the process can become time-consuming if there are many, especially if they have conflicts or compatibility issues.

Let us take care of it and rest assured it will be done quickly and professionally.

WordPress Security

Preventing hacks is even better than fixing them! We are able to check for vulnerabilities, set your site up and monitor it to avoid 99% of security threats. 

Why go through the hassle of repairing your site when you can protect it 24/7 with our security package.

We can help!

WordPress Backups

Even the best protected site sometimes comes unstuck, and it can be really useful to be able to reset your site back to how it was, before it all went wrong.

We can restore your website back to how it was before.

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